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Many years of studying drama at the 'Actors Studio Munich'.
Touring with Theater 58 in Switzerland, Germany and Austria
for many years, playing lead and supporting roles in dramas
and comedies.

Lead in short films such as 'Interview' and 'Playback' and a
supporting role in the feature film 'Death Story'. Also working
with composer Paul Haletzki on my own music production

Roles in the TV Series 'The Gravy Train'. Art film 'Springing
Lenin', and supporting roles in feature films such as
'Shirley Valentine', 'The Snare', 'Dead and Awake' and
'The Honey Trap'. BBC Open University 'Audio Dramas' and Dialogue Coaching in German for Production Zone.

Years of working as a freelance commercial photographer
for Abbey Life Assurance and between time creating and
working for my own business 'Wedding Master Photography'.
With over 500 weddings completed and the Distinction
Qualification 'Associate' for Excellence in Portrait Photography
awarded by the MPA, I am now back to the performing arts
where I belong.

Bragging Rights
I was awarded the German Film Academy 'Award in Gold' for
Best Actress, playing the lead in the short film 'Interview' at the International Film Festival Berlin.

I was also awarded the 'Kodak European Gold Award' Commendation for Excellence in Professional Portrait



Production Images

The Honey Trap

The Snare
(I feel that your eyes are a very distinguishing feature and have a powerful impact on the viewer - hooking their attention. I feel that's
why your performance worked so powerfully for 'The Spirit' character. Chris Cooper writer and film director, Bohemian Pictures).

Dead and Awake
(Renate is a natural and her performances are very believable. Writer and film director Alexander Fodor.)

(Thank you for bringing your wonderful spirit and natural talent with you. It was a sheer delight and privilege to work with you.
Ron and Jeanette Productions - Hands Produced Films).

A truly British dark comedy

We are excited that you can be joining us on this shoot. The Team 'Tree House Digital Productions' Bournemouth